The first 10000 days that count. Baby Myo starts from the pregnancy and it teaches mothers how to breathe and sleep for the best way of intaking oxygen which improves the babies development (we have noticed the lack of oxygen makes smaller jaws in fatals and even more serious problems to misscarriage).

Pre genetic education for new couples is the most recommending approach to bring a healthy young life. I have visited babies from their first day too.

It is important to help the new mum with putting her newborn to sleep and breastfeeding correctly. The mouth close campaign is from day one!

I visit babies every 6 months to follow their growth and their functions which we have to be sure we teach them how to breathe, eat and sleep healthily, that is our job.

I investigate their ties, tongue or lip tie if it does any harm on their function or their form while they grow and develop every day.

I recommend breastfeeding for the first 6 months and 1-2 years after as well.

I help the family to go to hard food at the period 6-12 months working on chewing development in infants.

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