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About Dr Anastasia Vasileiou

Dr Anastasia Vasileiou graduated the six-year medical school of «Carol Davila» (UMFCD) Bucharest with the speciality of the doctor Stomatology. Through her maternity, she started paying attention to the main functions of the growing human being and how those are much connected with health. She travelled to Los Angeles 2013 to learn Myofunctional therapy and to work digital orthodontics among with.

Since then she attended many congresses and follows Myofunctional Sciences all over the world. She attended at the 1st International Congress AAMS at Los Angeles with a scientific poster representation and at the 2nd AAMS Congress at Chicago with a presentation for ”Mouth close campaign for symmetrical and healthy children”. She has treated hundreds of patients babies, children and adults with Sleep Disorders.

Her vision is to spread the news to the medical world in Greece! View her Myofunctional Therapist page here.


Are you having trouble breathing, eating or sleeping?


If you are, then please fill out my free health questionnaire. What is great about the health interview is that you get to learn about small changes, which come from great knowledge, can change your health status. I offer an exclusive session with my patient to complete a myofunctional questionnaire with me, checking out the shape, the movement of the tongue, the way of masticating solid food, and the function of swallowing and breathing plus sleeping patterns. This is available to you online for free.

Patient smiles



This is only 1 and a half months into the treatment of Orthodontics and Myofunctional therapy.


Dr. Anastazia Vasileiou is an amazing and .... persistant doctor! I had my first training dinner (opposite the Parthenon and the temblies of the Gods) in January 2019. For one year centimetres  of fat kept vanishing away ... disappearing... and my body started shaping! My clothes grew "bigger" !!! Ha, ha! I had to change them! Just by doing "tongue exercises" and chewing properly! Thiw year we continued with taping and the next protocoles and ... here I am now with less weight, no smoking, better face oval, better shaped muscles, better body posture!

Because when you - gradually - stop mouth breathing... the need to smoke - slowly - softly - "silently" - in an autonomus way - effortlesly - disappears....

What I have realised is that my tongue posture affects my body posture and by shaping the tongue I shape the body!

Thank you, Anastazia! Words are not enough to express my gratitude! May Goddess Hygeia and God Aesclepios inspire you and help your work!

Mougnai MRP Aigli


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